Hi! Thanks for dropping by!

I am a wife to a musical and creative gent who is a night owl.  I’m a mommy to 3 kiddos ranging from toddler to pre-teen.  (They keep me pretty busy!) During the day I work a full time office job that I really enjoy.  However, my life is much different than it was just 2 years ago when I was a traveling musician, vocal teacher, and homeschooling mama.  I took for granted how often I could pick up a book or go see a movie on a whim.

Now, my days are pretty structured and long hours behind a desk in a corner cubicle could easily make a person stop dreaming.  But, I refuse.

So, I’ve created this blog to inspire other writers and readers to continue to believe in the arts, send handwritten notes, and make time for coffee with a friend and snuggles with a child every chance you get.