THE MOTHERS – a book review


I have a tendency to buy books based on their covers.  I allow the cover art to draw me in even if the inside flap synopsis does little to intrigue me.  Naturally, there have been times I have been smitten by a cover only to succumb to boredom as I they to get into the story.

THE MOTHERS not only drew me in with it’s radiant cover of a hidden image made with brilliant colors; its story line captivated from the beginning.

As the plot weaves in and out of the black church experience, grief, young love, and friendship, it is easy to find yourself unable to put this book down.

I could smell the salt from the ocean.

I could picture the mother’s praying at Upper Room Church.

I could feel the varied emotions from each character.

The writing indulged in dialogue and description that at times almost made me feel uncomfortable for how true to life it was. Fascinating writing.

Even after putting the book down and trying to move on to another novel, the characters are still lingering.  Two of the characters actually made me so upset that I considered not finishing the book.  But, I had to.

There’s way too much use of the “F” word .  It’s frequency was absolutely unnecessary for the telling of the story.  And, I hated the ending.

Other than that, this book was near perfect.

4.50 stars our of 5 in my book!  Definitely a must read for the summer!


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