Sunday Slow

Easy like a Sunday morning.” 

I never understood this saying.  I grew up in a home where we went to church EVERY Sunday morning.  We didn’t just go to church, we stayed at church through Morning prayer, Sunday School, morning service, and then returned later in the evening for Sunday night service. Putting on my frilly dresses, ruffled socks, and sitting in moms lap while she braided my hair was anything but, easy. Don’t get me wrong ; I’m very thankful for my upbringing.  I Just recall often wondering what it would be like to do other things on Sunday like some of my friends who came to school on Monday’s with tales of family day trips, pancake breakfasts, or building forts in their rooms …on Sunday’s.

As an adult, I felt called to the vocation of ministry.  The itch of ruffled socks hadn’t scarred me too badly.  I knew at the age of 19 that God was stirring a passion in my heart for telling others about Him through music, teaching , conversation, and writing.  I has never been just a job for me, always a calling.

Interestingly enough, in varying seasons, I’ve had the opportunity to experience easy Sundays.  Three years ago when we decided to homeschool, I found out shortly after that I was pregnant.  At that time I was still very active in ministry, but would be home from church by noon.  It was a freedom unlike our family had experienced before.  We started using Sundays as our slow day.  We stopped having fancy soul food dinners, and started using our crockpot for easy meals that would be ready by early afternoon.  We stopped grocery shopping on Sunday’s and started carving our time for naps, walks at the park, or even sitting in front of the tv . (I know, gasp!)  On Sunday evenings I’d sit at the coffee table and plan our homeschool schedule for the week while my husband got the kids ready for bed.  Easy and slow. 

Currently, we’re unexpectedly in another season that affords us some slow on Sundays.  We’ve been attending an amazing church that has Saturday night services.  With one of our children headed to middle school, we’ll begin attending on Sundays soon so that he can attend the middle school activities.  But, for now, we are enjoying spending our Saturdays running errands, cleaning a bit, and dashing to events before heading to church.  It creates so much space on our Sunday’s to just be present and prepare our minds and bodies for the full week ahead.

The more I read the lyrics to Lionel Richie’s song, “Easy” , I have no idea why the song title was chosen.  The lyrics create a scene that appears to be anything BUT easy.  Often that’s how life is.  A series of twists, turns and long bends in the road.  Sometimes we have to keep driving through the storm to make it to our destination on time.  But, more often than night, it’s safer if we just slow down, take our time, pull over and enjoy the scenery. 

Wishing you a slow and rest filled, Sunday! 



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